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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Mae West? Life is strange.

God works in mysterious ways....

I just talked to a man who used to be a Madam in a Whorehouse years ago. Pardon the language but that's what they are called. Even the bible calls it that so I refuse to try to act "politically correct" right now.   I am not one of those people who act as though their ears and eyes are too 'saved' to see or hear certain words. And yes, I said earlier that a 'man' was a 'Madam.' Now don't get me wrong, I know how to save myself, especially with the stories that I get as a preacher every day. As you can see, I like using the word "alleged". It keeps me out of trouble.  If I wrote a book on everything that I heard, I'd be rich and famous for sure. I am not looking for fortune nor fame. I just want to tell interesting and hopefully true stories that make the readers ponder and realize that they are not alone in their plight. 

Speaking of being politically correct earlier, I knew a man who used to get so angry when people would type, "OMG!"  It used to make us, (his friends online) upset to hear him rant and rave about it. He wrote me about it once and I simply said, "'Oh my goodness' bothers you?" He was so busy complaining and trying to make his point that he hadn't realized that EVERYBODY doesn't say "Oh my God!" I haven't heard from him on the subject since. (Wisdom.)

I listened to my gay friend speak for a long time today. He confirmed that he was gay and had a long and interesting background. I informed him that I am not a Homophobe. Just being one who preaches the word, I look at it on a spiritual level as God does. I also told him that everyone comes from somewhere and that I am not the one to judge him. He has a very sweet spirit and seemed to have the need to talk about these things to me. It almost seemed that the time was right for our conversation to take place. I've known him for a couple of years now and suspected that he was gay but didn't have the courage to ask. Today, I asked, finally. He said yes. He wasn't offended. 

It turns out that this man supposedly knows 'big' names. It's funny how people in high places do dirty deeds without others knowing what they did. He knew/knows some folks. The kind that most people would want a photo op of but he did not take advantage and could not with the position that he kept. My friend told me how he ran a Whorehouse that belonged to a Sheriff and, you won't believe this......Jim Baker. Yes, the Jim Baker who was once a famous television preacher who got caught splurging money with a million dollar doghouse and a wife (Tammy Faye) who wore make-up that was appropriate for the 'alleged' part-time business that they were running. He said that he saw what he thought was a Drag Queen get out of a Limo one day. Come to find out, it was Tammy Baker. When he saw them get out of the Limo and come into the house, he told them to get out. I said, "Why?" He said, that it was not a place that they were supposed to be in. Another man told him, "That's the owner!" He replied, "I don't care! He doesn't belong here!" Isn't it something that a gay man dressed like Mae West, running a whorehouse knew that a preacher and his wife wasn't supposed to be in there? He respected God more than the Bakers.

I supposed the moral to this short story is: Saved people know right and won't do it and unsaved people know right and have to correct us sometimes. Here's the question:
Why is it that unsaved persons can tell saved ones how they should be living? Selah.

Thanks for reading my experience today. I type randomly. I type only when I feel the leading to do so. 

Rev. Esther R. Scott

Easter 2018

You missed.

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