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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Use all of your resources

Use all of your resources

The word of God reveals to the reader nothing but the truth in all situations of life. One strong indication is when we see the phrase that we see in 1st samuel 30:1 "and it came to pass" which means "it surely happened" or as Jesus often says "verily verily" or "surely surely".  

The person or situation here is King David of israel. His enemies the Amalakites, took  his wives, the mens wives in all of their belongings. David's enemy took everything. He had done everything that God told him to do and still lost. What do you do when you follow Gods direction and you still seem to be losing? Have you ever been in this situation? Like Job you feel as though your hedge of protection is gone. Like Queen Esther in a quick moment, in the blinking of an eye, your family and loved ones are hard hit by the enemy, and your household can possibly be wiped out or broken up. And just like King Saul, as soon as you find an elderly person to depend on, a pillar of the church who teaches you much, they pass on and you horribly miss their presence. Your relationship with a great Oracle of God gets hit by the enemy, it dries up and you end up in the same position as Saul.

All that David had gone through in his life, he was not about to let the enemy win. He was the mighty man who killed Goliath with a rock and a sling. and before that he defended sheep and lambs in the fields. He spent so much time with them that this family had nearly forgotten him when Samuel the prophet came looking for a king. Have you ever felt forgotten? Have you ever felt left out? God never forgets us. He forgets or sins through Jesus His son but will not forget us. God is love.

With david finding his wives gone who had loved him dearly probably better than his own family had, David got horribly distressed (Vs 8). He got so distressed that he had to encourage himself. There are times when you are going to have to do the same. If you are looking for someone else to make you happy you may be waiting for a long time. You have to learn how to encourage yourself in the Lord your God. God is your strength. The word tells us to sing hymns to ourselves, to read the word and  pray and fast. There are too many people looking for other persons to make them happy. That is why there are so many rotten relationships and marriages. When their mates fall short, which they will, the gates of Hell  break loose. Look to God as your source. God is the only one who can help you get your 'stuff' back from the enemy. Unlike the rotten relationships that parade around as though nobody knows that they are not doing so well, you yourself will learn to have and keep joy and the peace that passes all understanding. There are some women and men who absolutely hate being alone. They will take the first thing that comes along and smile like a chessy cat, as though all is well yet they are miserable inside. I say "try Jesus you can't go wrong". David encouraged himself only in the Lord. We must trust the Lord God.  Trust that he will wring the devils arm behind his back until he says, "Uncle!" Then you'll get your life back, your lover and your stuff.  Did you hear about the man who played a country song backwards? His friends said, "What happened when you played the song backwards Jed?" Jed said, "I got my wife back, my job back, my house back and even the dog returned!" Don't ever give up! There is a poster that shows a pelican trying to swallow a frog. The frog won't go down because he has his hands around the pelicans throat. And the poster says "don't give up!"

In the days of David, people used what  was called the "Urim" and the "Thummim" to hear from God after prayer. They were rocks that would light up for your answer after prayer. Some say the color black meant 'no' and yet some say the color white did. Only God knows the truth. verse 7 tells us that David asked the priest to bring him the Ephod, which meant 'stones'. When you pass up a priest to go straight to God you are extremely serious. Not only that in chapter 28 vs 15 to 19 Saul was told that he was so hard-headed that God took his Kingdom and gave it to David who had become Saul's enemy. Listen you cannot mess with God's children. When he becomes your enemy nobody can save you. Don't make God mad. There is a lady who messes with someone online so badly that she runs others away from the targeted person. No one is saying anything because you can see God working in the targets favor. The more this lady messes with the target, the better the target does and the worse things become for the lady. You would think she would learn but to no avail. Can someone say "Heretic!"

David wasn't taking any chances he wanted to hear from God. Trust me i know the feeling. David was a warrior and a King. His natural instinct was to annihilate. i am a preacher and a Marine at the same time and it is hard for me as well. Sometimes you want to annihilate the enemy through  your flesh but the preacher in you says "Do it with words". Your flesh wants to pick up an M-16 but your spirit (which is stronger praise God) says "Kill it with kindness."  There have been times that I saw myself crawling under barbed wire with a weapon in my hand, as I smile at someone in real life while I attempt to lovingly handle the situation. One of the major mistakes people make are thinking that preachers and Christians are punks. Please allow me to reiterate, "we are not punks!" David was far from being a punk. He couldn't even build Gods temple because he had blood on his hands. God called him a bloody man. But the builder of the temple came from King David's loins. 

We are only to pursue after asking God. Ch 30:8. David had a 2-part question: 1. Shall I pursue after this troop and 2.) Shall I overtake them? God tells him to pursue and he says he shall surely overtake them without fail and recover all.  The problem was not God, the problem was that of David's army was tired. He had to leave 200 men behind. David went from 600 men to 400. In this battle of life we must get physical rest.  You cannot fight if you are tired. That is why the enemy constantly tries to bombard you and make you tired. It is important to get rest. Facebook will be there in the morning. God actually used Davids enemy to help him. His men found an Egyptian servant to the Amalakites who was left behind because he was sick. David made him swear to help him and he swore to help David. People in those days kept their words a little better than ttoday. after all of Israel won the battle. Don't be afraid to bring the wounded into your Camp. And pastors that goes for you too. If God still went by the unspotted and unblemished, you wouldn't be in the pulpit either.  Those kinda of people just may help you win the war.  

God bless,

Rev. Esther R. Scott


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