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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Happy Ascention Day! '13

Good Morning! 

Today is Ascention Day, commonly known as "Maundy Thursday". God is good. One thing that we all know is that God is not a legalistic God. If you know what it is or if you don't, God still loves you! As long as you have Jesus, you are doing your best. After all, He DID ascend to Heaven to sit on the right side of The Father....FOR YOU!  

He accepts those who accept His Son. Jesus is first and foremost over any celebrations that we could possibly have. Keep your heart and mind on having Jesus as your Savior, that's what is important. My advice is that you just make sure that you too are ascended to Him one day. Focus on communing with the 'still living Son' who went to Heaven with promises of His return. His return is imminent. 

Aren't you glad that Jesus died for you?

Easter 2018

You missed.

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