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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Know what's important in an accident

What a day. I am so glad that we Christians have Jesus who keeps us safe from harm. My daughter came today and cooked and we watched T.V. and relaxed. We've been running ragged and experiencing some very strong spiritual storms lately but God brought us through. Yesterday, as you know, my Grandson Demetrius was born. That was an awesome blessing. Anywhooo....

Lex leaves my apartment, down the elevator and to her car. She calls me on the cell and says, "Mom, somebody hit my car!" I said, "What?" She said, "Yea, even my door is bent." I asked if she wanted me to come down and she said, "Yes." As I am walking down the sidewalk to the parking space, she says, "Hurry mom! This man just hit your car!" I was like, "What????" I walked over to see an older gentleman who was approximately 70-80 years old, sitting in his car. He was bewildered and sweating. The man was obviously over-heated. It's about 88 degrees out there today. I  looked at him and said, "Are you okay?" He was mentally gone. Shocked I'd say. He said he was hot and dizzy. He wanted to keep driving. We made him stop and Lex called the police. I walked over to my car. He hit the lady's car beside me in the rear really bad and her car hit my Lincoln and blah blah blah. Anyway, I asked him again if he was alright and I  tried to get him out of the car. I was more concerned about this old man than my Lincoln which is like a tank. By the way, I only got scratches and a small dent on the door. God is good. 

About 4 police cars came, 2 Boro police and 2 College Police, a tow truck, an ambulance and a fire truck. The fire truck left. Thank God. Lol. (Geez, talking about tax-payers money.) We all gave the police our info and insurance. It went well. Hot, but well. Meanwhile, my neighbors, Lex and I sat on the wall by our building in the shade wondering why no one was taking this man to the hospital. It was horrible to watch. All these cops and an ambulance and here is this old man, trying to climb over the gray steel barrier in the parking lot!  We were like, "Whaaaaaat?"  My next door neighbor said that they only have 3 times to ask if you want to go to the hospital then it's no longer their responsibility. The lady downstairs on the first floor said 2 times, not 3. I never heard that but I am glad that they told me. 

Please keep Kenny in prayer? He was the older driver who hit our cars. Something just wasn't right. He was, as they used to say in the Corps, "cool and clamy". I think he had a stroke or was on the way to a heart attack. Maybe I'm a worry wort. Now that I think about it, please pray for me?

Love ya and thanks for reading,


P.S. The police said Lex can't 'claim' her damage because her car is "on the road and not in the parking lot". That was wierd. (She was in front of the my car in the pic and the lady's light colored car.)

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