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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mothers Day 2013 : Is there a fire in the house?

My daughter did me up today. 

She knows that I hate strippers. Especially being a preacher she knows that I would hate that. She and her brother has been teasing me about sending strippers to the house for my birthday and other holidays because they know I hate them. They want to send Firemen that say, "Is there a fire in the house?" Only as a joke though so religious folks, don't get too serious. Lex is sooo bad. Please see what she had written on my Mother's Day cake today? 

When she saw me look at the cake in the car, she busted out laughing and I had to laugh with her for her sense of crazy humor. I didn't bother my son today because his baby is due at any time now soooo, I didn't take him to the poor-house just for Mother's Day. He and his girlfriend wished me a Happy Mother's Day therefore, I too am happy! 

God is good. Even when bad things happen, remember that God is always good.

Essie :)

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The devil won't stop me

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