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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Walking is good for your sugar levels, etc.

12 laps around the track today with my daughter.....walking that is! Lol. She said 4 laps is a mile so 12 would be 3 miles. That is awesome. God is good. 

We watch people come and they walk so hard, stretching their legs so far and swinging their arms. It's almost horrible to watch. They need to learn to enjoy it. After all, God made Adam and Woman to live outside right? (Before the fall.) 

Lex and I walk and enjoy the time that we are there. We talk, laugh, debate (nicer word for argue), make up, smile, talk to the pretty butterflies, look at the sky, speak to others walking around the track. We enjoy it, we just don't 'do' it. Last week, we walked around the track singing praise and worship songs and praising the Lord. As soon as a girl came and began walking opposite around the track....we left.  Lol. Glad we were done and sitting down in a Gazebo when she came. Just felt like she was trying to "reverse" our praise and worship somehow. I know, call me crazy! If your mind has been telling you to get out lately, ignore the nay-sayers, the negative folks around you and do so. God made you to be outside. Too many people are sitting in the house watching cable t.v. and getting sick. 



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