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Monday, August 26, 2013

For the Women Preacher Bashers who are so bold to publicly say so...

I have been on the internet now since 2003 when I first started the original "New Birth Interceders" yet there is something that I cannot seem to get away from. There are always those men who do not believe in women Pastors/Preachers and for some reason they seem to be very vocal, pushy and bold about it. It has broken up a few of the groups that I tried to have online especially since I do not have many who will stand up for me. There are some and you all are extremely appreciated believe that. 

These men who do not believe in Women Ministers/Pastors/Preachers are so vocal about it, (and we've had a few women as well who feel the same way and publicly let me know it.) You who are opening your thoughts about it and dragging this old subject on and on, please allow me to get vocal as well. Thank you:

I am a Veteran in the ministry with a 5-fold anointing in the Church/Word and I am very happy to be that way. Jesus walks with me and talks with me. He is my Lord and Savior who called me into the ministry years ago and for that I am proud. I WILL NOT turn my back on the ministry of God's Kingdom. You waited too late to attempt to intimidate me. I am sold out for Christ. My question is, if you do not believe in women ministers/pastors/preachers/or teachers, why do you continuously follow me? From now on when this subject is brought up, the perpetrator will get shut down or banned. I am not an advertising agency and old, legalistic point about Women in Ministry is warped. Other groups are flowing and doing well and this one will too. In Jesus name, amen.

I say this all in love,

Point made and God bless,




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