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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Happy Birthday (early) Lex!

26 years ago, today, I was preparing to go to my regular doctor's appointment on the following day to see when my first child would be born. I was excited but ready to shed the pounds and kiss my baby and nurture it. After singing, talking, praying and dedicating it to God (I did both kids that way), I was prepared to start my new, lasting relationship. 

The following day, I went to the hospital. The doctor says, "How would you like to have your baby today ma'am?" I agreed....quickly...and she was born at 4:28 p.m.! Alexi Rochelle Scott. 7 lbs 15 ozs. of awesome beauty. She had pretty, red lips and a head full of black, shiny, wet curls. They looked like Black Spaghettios. And yes, to this day she loves spaghetti. A tanned couple from Florida went to the baby room and was viewing the babies. Their gold was shining on their tanned bodies as they absolutely adored a cute black haired baby with red lips. They kept pointing saying, "Look at that one!!! Oh is she beautiful!" They saw me creeping slowly to the baby room window and said, "Oh hi! Yours must still be back in the other room over there." I said, "No, that beautiful baby that you are pointing to....she's mine." They gave me a startled look and left. (Sorry, I had to smile when they walked away, it was funny.) I'll never forget that experience.

Tomorrow, August 25th she will be 26 years old. She and her brother Jared Scott were absolutely THE BEST things that EVER happened to me. God is truly truly good....all of the time! 

Happy Birthday (early) Lex...Love you and God bless you....Mom.



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