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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Psalms 119, what you may not have know about it.

A wonderful and quite mysterious book to read in the Word of God is Psalms 119. Upon looking, one can see that it is broken up into sections of 8 verses per section and labeled with Titles from the Hebrew Alephbet (Alphabet). The first 8 being labeled as "Aleph", the first letter of the Alephbet/Alphabet. It speaks of prayers and praises. The next 8 verses are labeled in most bibles as Beth which means "home", you live as you give. This is where we get the name "Beth-el" from which means "House of God." Quote when you are having problems in the home. The third, "Gimel" which represents the camel, a sacred symbol. As Jesus said Himself that the rich entering Heaven is like a camel going through the eye of a needle. This means not a true needle but in those times, the needle was a word meant for "door." Many rich people do not think that they need "The Door" (Jesus). We see this happening each day.

When you are having troubles with bad habits read Verses 49-56 labeled as "Zain" which is the word for the power of habit, routine, monotony, and the responsibility of looking after details. Zain, Zion, Zenith, Zayin. Problems with breathing or with your wording, read Cheth (57-64) labeled "Cheth" which signifies the 'breath'. When you need to learn to trust God more, 73-80 labeled as "Jod" which is actually "Yod" since Israel didn't have the letter "J" until centuries later. Jod, Yod, God. The first letter in "Yehovah/Jehovah." 

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God bless,

Rev. Esther R. Scott

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