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Monday, December 30, 2013

The Waxes and Wanes of Blogging

Blogging, the new trend.

With so many minds that need the peace that passes all understanding, man had to express himself with a new creation that finally allows the common street-fellow to share with others what is on his mind. The Blog concept has so many portals to the experiences of life that releases ones inhibitions, fears, and in some cases, over-whelming cheer.  In times past, the only reading was through books or paid columns in local newspapers and magazines. Now anyone can get online and open a blog and express their feelings and also receive feedback. 

Receiving feedback is tricky however because it not only uplifts and encourages a person but it can also pull one down into a deep depression if they are not thick-skinned and able to take the good and the bad. You have to have the ability to chew the meat and spit out the bones when reading the comments that you receive while blogging. There are people online called "Trolls" that purposely say mean things. Their intention is to stop you from discussing certain topics if they are uncomfortable reading them. You have to know how to ignore them and continue on with what is on your mind and heart. They are very relentless. 

There are many writers who find solace in blogging. Some have even found life partners and friends through the comments that they receive. Some writers/bloggers receive payment for their talent. It is definitely a lucrative business if you are talented in that area.  

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