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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Get saved.

There are no candles, no choir, no piano player, no ushers and certainly no one staring. The song, "Come to Jesus" is not playing in the background. Are you saved? Would you accept Jesus now? 

Comment "yes" below or inbox me for privacy if you wish. If Jesus came today would you be ready? He had such a horrible death that His Blood ran out of His body until Water came out afterward. He shed it all for you. There is NOTHING that you have done in your life that His Blood cannot or will not cover. NO ONE is better than you. If He can use us, He can use and protect you. Pay no attention to the naysayers. They'll be there always, until you pass or until Jesus comes back. Don't wait, according to the recent happenings in this world and the prophecies given in the Bible, you may wait too late. Even if you are not sure if you are saved, let's do this. Make certain that you are. Let Jesus be your fortress.

Do....you....want....to....be....saved?   Say "yes", leave any comment, or inbox me. 

Say "yes"......

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