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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

It's not good to assume at all.

There are many people, especially young people, suffering insurmountable pain in silence. You may see them laugh and dance, smile and play and yes, some of them are worldly we all once were, but inside, when the lights go out and all of their friends are gone they suffer. 

You don't know how may phone calls, emails and private messages that we ministers of the Word receive on a 'daily' basis from those who want to end their lives or are just so tired that they can't see their way up. You don't know how many of us go to God through our own tears on the behalf of not only others but ourselves and our loved ones as well. You just don't know. 

Don't assume that everybody that goes by Reverend, Doctor, Pastor, Apostle, Bishop, Evangelist or Minister "So and So", is constantly happy. We laugh and post cute little videos and jokes, we pray, post scriptures, and bind and rebuke, we encourage and uplift even at times that we, ourselves need encouraging and uplifting. Not only that, we have to battle those who say that we are selfish, show-offs, liars and 'fake'. Meanwhile, we continue to lift others in prayer because it is what we do. Our battle scars cry for us.  

I just got off of the phone with a young man of which I am very concerned about. How about you? How has your day been thus far? 

So when you see me post jokes, laugh, smile, pray, encourage, cry, or mourn...
Please pray for me? Thank you. ~Essie 

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