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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Pray for Joyce L.

I went to bed late last night therefore I slept in a bit this morning. As I was laying on my bed I heard my phone buzz as though it was on the buzz ring. The problem was that my phone was still off. I knew it was God. I felt Him speaking to my spirit so softly that if you aren't attuned to it, you will miss Him. I rolled over, got my phone, turned it on and surely someone had attempted to call me while the phone was off. I looked at the number, it was a lady who is one of my neighbors in my apartment building who is now in a home close to where I live until her operation. She is a sweet lady who is very humble, her name is Joyce L. She just told me that she was diagnosed with Colon Cancer, she can't move her bowels. She has no children but has a brother in Ohio. I said a  prayer over her for God to heal her and comfort her and I bound any evil spirit that is trying to take her life away, in Jesus name. 

Joyce was very thankful for the prayer. You could hear it in her voice. I told her to rest and leave it in Jesus' hands and that she could call me if she needed anything. 

I tell you the truth. God is such a wonderful God. He surpasses the power of cell phones, electricity, landlines, and distance.

Have a lovely day everyone and remember that God is the Creator of all things that exist. You don't have to fear when the doctor gives you bad news. It's not over until God says that it's over. ~ Essie
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