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Monday, October 6, 2014

Prayer needed

All that I can say is "Whew!" 

I just went downstairs in my apartment building and there were about 8-9 ladies all in a turmoil. Older and younger ladies were there. They are upset at a couple of women who live there. One has caused a lot of people to fall out and the other is a little slow, (don't know what word they use for that now,) and she goes around poking people and hitting them on their heads. One lady that got hit on the head is a very nice lady, the wife of a man who comes to our Sunday Services and she is in a wheelchair. 

Another lady was talking about taking her life because someone doesn't like her and started rumors about her and her husband. I told her to make the devil run don't run from the devil. Another lady said she wanted to come to our church services but was told not to. A man hurt her feelings about her religion. I said to them all, "Listen to how you all are talking. You are concerned about what people think of you. Who cares what they think? Are they paying your bills?" They got quiet. These people are really sweet and I have learned to love them in Christ Jesus these past few years. I hate to see them suffer over devilment. 

A cute little 83 year old lady stepped up and said that she doesn't come down and stays in her apartment because of all of the gossip. I made them stop talking to listen to her. She said, "You all can't stand one another! Everyone gossips about each other! That's why I stay to myself!" I agreed and told them that for the past 3 years that I've been there, the administrator in the office has been asking people NOT to sit in the front room of the building and for the past 3 years, EVERYBODY sits there. I told them that I was raised to pay attention to authority and that's why I don't sit there. They hung their heads and agreed. There were only about 3 people there who sit there day and night but the rest were apartment dwellers like myself. Many agreed with me and said, "Yep! That's the truth! Tell it Rev." I told them that I hated to say it that way but when they don't listen mess gets started. I put my mail under my arm and walked away. 

It's a shame that you have to correct grown people about simple things. I am so hurt right now that I had to talk to them like that but it was WELL overdue. That was more drama than my favorite Soap Opera and I hope to never go through that again. Grown people! Can you imagine how Jesus felt? Now I see why He told the disciples, "Have you not learned anything? How long do I have to stay here?" (paraphrased). 

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