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Friday, April 24, 2015

You sir/maam are out of order.

You sir/maam, are out of order

I didn’t want to say anything about this subject but it has to be addressed. Have you ever attended a company, school, church, group or organization and they just knew that they know all that there is to know about you and years have gone by but they still act like they own you? Did you ever feel bombarded by a group of people who take up on each other’s side and not yours? Everything that you say has to be brought through them to make your words imperative or valid? There is a group of people that I was associated with years ago, and, I love them in Christ but my God, I really wish that they would stop dogging me online and judging everything that I say and write. It’s really getting old. When I voice my opinion on something, one will “call me out” on it and nearly embarrass me publicly, and if I maintain my convictions on a subject and let them know it, another “friend” will come on to “press” the issue against me “in love” as Christians always say. It is nerve-wracking because I am not going to bow to someone else’s opinion just because they don’t like mine.
They don’t know it but it is very noticeable. I’ve actually had people come to me or message me online saying, “What’ up with that ______ crowd? Why are they on you so bad like that?” I honestly don’t know how to answer them. Maybe I made them upset at some point while I was associated with them and they aren’t man or woman enough to let me know. Ya think? I wish that I knew. Then, there are the ones who were ‘higher up’ in rank at this certain place, therefore they treat me as though I was their child or student.
I feel great right now, I am not mad or anything but I cannot take it anymore. Have you ever gotten to the point where you just want to start getting belligerent with someone because they are to you? That’s where I am at. I am so close to stepping out in my flesh and talking dozens to them as though I were in the street. Lol. As a minister of our Most High God, it is hard sometimes to maintain your cool. You have to double-think your actions at all times or the devil will use it against you. I know that some of you may or may not like President Obama but do you remember when the media tried all that they could to make him a “mad-black man”? The man held his cool. They dogged his spirituality. He held his cool. They talked about his mama, he held his cool. They talked about his daddy, grandpap and grandma. He held his cool. They (media) talked about his birth certificate. He held his cool. Then the Jeremiah Wright conversation came up. He denounced his relationship with the man to please the crowd …… and still kept his cool. I think Rev. Jeremiah Wright understood. To this day, I think that they may still be friends to a certain degree. I mentioned all of that, not because I am an Obamaian, because I do not agree with some of the things that he has done, then again, I am not in his shoes either.  I personally could NEVER run a country as great as America. Plus, I don’t want to gray too fast. My hair is gray enough now. I said all of that because I feel like he may have felt during his struggle just to become the first black President of the United States. There was always opposition for the man! I feel the same. There is always someone trying to correct me on how I feel, what I say or comment even on Facebook. Look, I am going to be me until Jesus comes back. I will not change how I talk, walk, live or write. I want to tell these ‘chastising spirits’ … “you be you and I’ll continue to be me.”
There was an old song that my grandmother used to listen to as she sipped on a nice glass of Lambrusco and crocheted. It was called, “Sweep around your own front door before you try to sweep around mine.” Yea, I remember that song clearly. This is what these people need to do and leave my business alone. Treat me nice or leave me alone. I will not go around, walking on eggshells to please these people, being afraid that they may not like what I post online. I refuse. As the Archangel Michael said to the Devil when he was arguing with Michael over the body of Moses……”The Lord rebuke thee.” Jude 9.
God bless and thanks for ‘listening’. ~ Essie


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