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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Harald Seiz
Atlanta, Ga
Be Faithful for Karatbars, focusing on the good that we are going to do to help the people of the world!
The Paper Currency Systems Are Debt Based Systems! The interest causes every Debt Based System to go bankrupt within 80 years.
Gold Payment System 5,000 years
Paper Currency Systems 2,800 years
The world has used gold as money for 5,000 years!
Bankrupt Currencies
1922-23 Germany
1945-46 Hungry
1971-81 Chili
1995-97 Argentina
2002-03 Zambia
USA Debt
Officially 20 Trillion
Unofficially 47 Trillion
No government can pay back so much debt! It's not possible!
In 2011 the US had 1.4 Trillion in debt!
If The US government paid back 1 million dollars every day since the birth of Christ 2016 years ago, they'd pay back no more than 77 billion!
All paper currency systems are debt based systems! This is why Harald Seiz created a new Global Gold Payment System!
It's an asset based system!
Gold is the oldest currency in the world!
Now we have a Gold Payment System that is good for the people!
Karatbars Financial App
(Load Gold) (Physical Gold)
(Buy With Gold) (Gold Back)
K-Exchange Payment Sources
American Express
Karatpay (the new gold payment system)
There's Two new systems. One for online shopping and one for shopping in a market.
(Load Gold)
From our Karatbars pay to K-Exchange account.
(Physical Gold)
Like a ATM except FedEx delivers your gold.
(Gold Back)
Not buying with gold, buying with paper but receiving a gold back rebate in physical gold!
Purchase $419 laptop
10% rebate = $41.9 Gold Back rebate
Karatbars is building a 1.2 million dollar assembly line that will put out 30 thousand Cashgold per day!
That's $9,000 per day going into the World Pools!
Shopping System
1 Cashgold .10= 3 haircuts
3 Cashgold .30= 9 haircuts
Buy 3 get 1 free. (Gold negotiations)
The Beginning Of The Gold Payment System Within The Village!
The Time Is Coming When We Will Be Able To Exchange Paper Currency Into Cashgold Within A Bank!
Harald Seiz went to China 40 days ago.
The Karatbars Bank is now in Singapore!
Karatbars Payment System Is Separate From All Central Banks!
China has 3,000 tons of gold! Currently the country holds the most gold.
Chinese companies don't like paper currency. Harald Seiz is negotiating a coop with Chinese companies. Chinese companies investing 100 million for Cashgold production in China! Harald bought 3 tons of gold China's gold for Cashgold production! Harald will meet with Chinese Government Officials in September!
K-Exchange Is 3 Steps Away
We are going to the top companies of the world with our Cashgold System!
Step 1. We can move our Gold into the Account by October or November.
Step 2. Spending out from account in K-Exchange.
Step 3. Gold Back starts in January or February.
The Karatbars Financial App Opens Up The Whole World!
Requires an affiliate package to participate.
Harald helps the people with his money!
He hopes that we will do the same with our money!
Together, we can end poverty for as many people as we can!
The world has enough food for everyone! We can reach the world step by step!
Africa is a huge country! The companies take gold and diamonds out of Africa and leave the people with nothing! It's a huge problem!
We can help the people in the long term.
We can form a World Committee!
A leader from each country can represent their people.
The Committee can direct our efforts to provide infrastructure so Africans can have fresh water!
Why invest millions and billions into Africa for food when we could provide water for them to grow their own food!
After the African hunger issue is solved the Committee can address African education and then health care!
We Can Help The People Of This World And Nobody Can Stop Us!

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