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Friday, July 15, 2016

Tomorrowland. Pray for Israel.

Wanted you to see this....craziness. I can def see how this can come about! Its rather long, but see some Vids and see how the enemy could be in this!

Dear Praying Friends,

Please review the information in the email below from Israel's intercessors for prayer and intervention to prevent this demonic event from taking place - 
  • UNITE – The Mirror to Tomorrowland takes place at the Payis Arena in Jerusalem, on July 23, 2016. 
(The Payis Arena in Jerusalem is where the annual Feast of Tabernacles Conference is held by the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem.)

Please see the below information to analyze and strategize prayer and action to prevent these curses from falling on Israel.

Praise the Lord the UK voted to leave the EU, the people are responding much as they are in the USA in selecting Donald Trump rather than
the one world system frantically trying to rise up in global power.

Blessings, Rosemary Schindler Garlow
Schindler's Ark International, Inc.
2514 Jamacha Road, Suite 502-120, El Cajon, CA 92019

-------- Original message --------

Dearest  Intercessors,
This is the full article of warning written by Intercessor Kathleen Mitchell, concerning the real nature of this "rock festival.."
Please read it. It is long, I know.
But on July 23 it is coming to the Payis Stadium in Jerusalem, (apart from the Lord's intervention, which He desires to do), and will seduce and ensnare a huge population of Israelis, and even some Messianics have mentioned that they considered going, not realizing what this is truly about.
We are rallying fierce prayer for the Lord to oppose this snare and trap to deceive Israel/Jerusalem to follow the wrong leader in the coming days.
Please hold prayer meetings against this, for Jerusalem is the City of the Great King. That its goals will not prosper. Read the whole thing, it is worth it.
Shabbat shalom to all of you!
The alert that I am raising to all of you surrounds an event called Tomorrowland. Tomorrowland is a massive electronic music festival that began in 2005 in Boom Belgium (32 km north of Brussels).  It started as a rather small festival, but quickly grew in popularity to include thousands of participants.  Young people from all over the world now come to this event. 400,000 were in attendance last year during the three-day event in July. This year it is expected to be even greater.  Last year's 400,000 "Full Madness Passes" sold out in 40 minutes, with no billboards or organized advertising.  Word of mouth was sufficient to fill the event to the brim. Twenty-five airlines set up special flights to carry participants to and from the event from around the world. In 2013 Brussels Airlines set up special flight packages for those coming to the event from more than 67 cities around the world. 214 different nationalities were represented at the event. Last year 400 disc jockeys participated to create a soul seizing environment, and a constant flow of electronic stimulation. (NOTE: The story of Pinocchio and the place of indulgent rebellion called "Pleasure Island" leapt to mind as I researched Tomorrowland. In that story, the rebellious children turned into donkeys. Tomorrowland is turning its participants into "One Worlders", who will unify with a singular global leader.) This event is no small thing. This writing will be lengthy.
In the past few of years the Tomorrowland festival has stretched out to include satellite sites around the globe.  Last year's event linked a Tomorrowland site in Mumbai and a site in Mexico City, and a site in San Paulo, Brazil, with the event in Belgium. Back in September of 2013 the first American version, called TomorrowWorld was held at the Bouckaert Farm in Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia … 48 kilometers (30 miles) southwest of Atlanta. In 2014, 160,000 people attended that event. It was reported that TomorrowWorld brought 70 million dollars into the Greater Atlanta economy; assuring that it will continue to be a welcomed event. (Note: the 2015 Atlanta event was hit by seriously rainy weather, causing the final day to be a bit of a washout. Praise the Lord!). 
There is MUCH information, surrounding Tomorrowland available to those, who are willing to dig for it.  People need to be informed. I will include some links at the end of this writing.
Now, before I tell you about the plans for this July, let me give you more information about the specifics in regard to the content and goals, of this demonic initiative.
Some former hippies might ask if this is just a good time … a gathering of friends to celebrate a carefree summer with lots of music (something like Woodstock in New York in the year 1069).  NO IT IS NOT!  The organizers of this event are working a very deliberate program to entrap the hearts and minds of the participants. It is, at its heart, a bold move by the global elite, and by occult powers, to seduce the people of the world into a posture of total rebellion against YHVH, while opening the gates of the pit to invite the forces of hell to take up residence upon the earth.  The main theme of this agenda is UNITY … much like the call to unity that was sounded at the foundations of the Tower of Babel.  "Yes we can!" I have personally seen actual footage from the Tomorrowland event in Boom.  It invites everyone to have unique spiritual, emotional, and physical "experiences". The event has a special camping area established, which is called Dreamville.  In this campground, physical and supernatural encounters can take place in total freedom. During the Boom event in the year 2012, 35,000 young people populated Dreamville. The number has grown exponentially since that time. On the center stage of Tomorrowland is a huge slowing spinning replica of the CERN hadron collider's gate. Do you think there is any possibility of hypnosis or mind control going on? CERTAINLY!  Also on stage is a giant mirror in which the digitally created face of the goddess Kali appears and speaks to the crowds.  Would you like to hear a couple of the messages that were seductively spoken over the masses of eager participants?
As helicopters flew overhead, and as beacons of colored lights flashed across the night sky, a deep, powerful, male voice said:
"People of Tomorrow, as a new chapter unfolds, you will learn about one man, who knew the mysteries of the universe from within. Because of his vision, a great work was completed (CERN). With its sacred key, the machine can forge unique experiences continuously.  Humanity can be reborn. The heartbeat of this device can be felt by you all."  (THIS WAS BEING SPOKEN AS THE IMAGE OF THE CERN MACHINE REVOLVED IN FRONT OF THE CROWDS)
As the mirror lit up, and the face of Kai appeared, a sweet, seductive, mesmerizing, female voice said:
"There is so much that can come between people. This can be healed by the expression of pure unity.  Hold up your wristbands so that we can witness this illumination together." (KEEP IN MIND THAT THIS WAS SEDUCTIVELY SPOKEN BY A DIGITALLY PROJECTED FACE OF KALI SHOWN IN A MIRROR. KALI IS THE HINDU GODDESS OF DEATH AND DESTRUCTION.  She is the wife of Shiva, the Cosmic god, lord of the beasts, lord of the cosmic dance, the Destroyer.  A statue of Shiva stands outside of the CERN headquarters. Do you see the connection?
Simply put, Tomorrowland is an organized effort to for the people of the earth to call forth the anti-Christ … even to pledge allegiance to Lucifer (the angel of Light … the Illuminated One), himself.  Consider what the male voice said:  "you will learn about one man, who knew the mysteries of the universe from within".  Lucifer, the cast down archangel was an insider of heaven … he once walked among the sacred stones in the High Kingdom at the beginning. 
Ezekiel 28:12-15 (NASB)  Note: the king of Tyre is another title for Lucifer
    12       "Son of man, take up a lamentation over the king of Tyre and say to him, 'Thus says the Lord GOD,
         "You had the seal of perfection,
         Full of wisdom and perfect in beauty.
               13       "You were in Eden, the garden of God;
         Every precious stone was your covering:
         The ruby, the topaz and the diamond;
         The beryl, the onyx and the jasper;
         The lapis lazuli, the turquoise and the emerald;
         And the gold, the workmanship of your settings and sockets,
         Was in you.
         On the day that you were created
         They were prepared.
               14       "You were the anointed cherub who covers,
         And I placed you there.
         You were on the holy mountain of God;
         You walked in the midst of the stones of fire.
               15       "You were blameless in your ways
         From the day you were created
         Until unrighteousness was found in you.
 In the Tomorrowland scenario, satan is being portrayed as the man of vision … the author of the CERN project which is designed to open the portal between the second heaven and earth, so that the demons can invade (perhaps in the form of aliens from other planets).  If the people of the earth unify, they can do anything, according to the scriptures.
Genesis 11:6 says
      6       The LORD said, "Behold, they are one people, and they all have the same language. And this is what they began to do, and now nothing which they purpose to do will be impossible for them.
A global unity of world rebellion will change the planet, and will release unprecedented darkness across the earth. Connect the dots.  The path is very clear and the evidence is abundant. These dark powers want to have the human race reborn … into a new value system and under a new authority of one, which our scriptures tell us will be the direct opposite character and kingdom from the character and Kingdom of YHVH.  CERN is openly looking for the keys to unlock the universe … to open the door to "let in" other beings that will transform humanity. The statue of the god Shiva (The Destroyer), stands outside the headquarters of CERN in Switzerland. Take a look:
 The face of Kali was recently projected on the Empire State building in New York. The goddess of Destruction is the wife of Shiva, who is the figurehead of CERN.  Why is THAT image of Kali being projected over New York City? What territory is being claimed and handed over?  What invitation is being sent forth in the spirit world? Go to this link to see the proof of this image projection.
Look at some images of the Tomorrowland event in Belgium:
View the dance of Shiva that was conducted ritually at CERN:
It is becoming all too obvious to those, who are willing to see, and who have the discernment to connect the dots between these events and biblical scripture. Do you remember reading about the Nephilim (demons mating with human women) in Genesis? "As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the days of the coming of the Son of Man."
Tomorrowland is just one facet of the full occult program being run across this planet.  Here is the wording of a video advertisement that I witnessed; calling for the world to be transformed into a higher humanity.
"The world is on the edge of global change. Our civilization is like an un-captained ship on rough seas with no chart or compass. The time that we have to make the right decision is getting shorter and shorter. We are facing the choice of entering into a new dark age, into massive affliction and degradation or into a new model for human development, and not created simply a new civilization, but a new mankind. We need technological revolution, however it is clear that we will need a complete social transformation.  The world leaders should invest in encouraging mankind, rather than investing resources is solving short-term problems. We must allow the maximum expansion human cognitive abilities and the development, and refine artificial intelligence, and brain/computer interfaces.  We must find ways to transfer ones personality to an artificial carrier.  What we need is not just another technological revolution, but a new civilization paradigmWe need new philosophy and ideology, new ethics, new culture, a new psychology and a new metaphysics. We must reset our vision and go beyond our limits … beyond ourselves and beyond our earth and solar system. Thus, new realities and future man will arise."
Does that sound like the Tower of Babel on steroids?  YES! That future man, which they hope to birth, will be the product of the Man of Perdition … the Man of Lawlessness … satan's version of messiah to the earth … the anti-Christ.
Consider what we have been seeing culturally in recent years … things legislating the social changes which rejects the way, will, word, and reality of YHVH:
--Homosexual rights and glorification
--Transgender acceptance and promotion … choosing one's gender and therefore, choosing one's public toilet accordingly. UNITY!
--Demonizing of Christians and Jews … particularly those, who honor the Bible.
--Abortion rights and legalization of abortion
--Unity of nations, so that national sovereignty disappears … the United Nations rules. UNITY
--Global treaties that obligate all nations to submit to global mandates that the citizens have not voted for, and which they would reject out of hand. UNITY
--The unification of all religions under one spiritual authority … the Pope (?) … the lie that all gods are the same one, and that no one can claim their God as the one true God over all others.  UNITY
--The breakdown of the family, and the encouragement of youth to come out from under their parent's teaching, influence and authority. Kids and adults are equals in all ways. UNITY
--Unisex, re-distribution of wealth and entitlement for the undeserving so that we all have the same level of goods.  UNITY
--Humanism taught in public education, while parents, who speak against this teaching are to be reported by their children to the school authorities. UNITY
--Gun control … food supplies being confiscated or centralized … resources being globalized  UNITY
--Chemtrails and HAARP weather controls - GLOBAL ENVIRONMENTAL UNITY
--The Global Warming ruse and the carbon footprint, greenhouse gases theory, intends to control key energy sources under the guise of maintaining global human life. UNITY!
--Cameras monitoring everyone, everywhere. POLICING UNITY
--Chipping for identity and for buying and selling (they are chipping credits cards first, and then people) UNITY IN BANKING AND TRADE
The list could go on and on, but you get the idea.
Read directly from one of the Tomorrowland websites:
UNITE - The Mirror to Tomorrowland 
Follow Tomorrowland LIVE in Mexico, India, Japan, Colombia, Germany, South Africa and Israel and be part of the Madness
On Saturday July 23rd, 2016, the second day of Tomorrowland, 7 countries will Unite with the People of Tomorrow in Belgium. 
A live video connection will be made between Tomorrowland (Belgium) and Mexico, India, Japan, Colombia, Germany, South Africa and Israel. 
Building bridges between Belgium and the rest of the world with a live connection from the Tomorrowland Mainstage, Live DJ sets on the local UNITE stage and the unique, magical Tomorrowland atmosphere: that's UNITE, the mirror to Tomorrowland.
People of Tomorrow, get ready to Unite…
Here is the advertisement posted on the Israeli Tourism site:
The king of all electronic music festivals, Tomorrowland, is taking place for the first time in Israel this summer! "UNITE – The Mirror to Tomorrowland" is an international event taking place simultaneously in 7 countries (Germany, India, Israel, Japan, Mexico and South Africa) "mirroring" the father event, the Belgian festival which has become a cult amongst electronic music fans. Broadcasting live from the Belgium stage to the Israeli festival will be huge names of electronics such as Axwell & Ingrosso, AFROJACK, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Nicky Romero and many more. Local DJs will open the even, for a psychedelic night of partying uniting thousand of people around the world. UNITE – The Mirror to Tomorrowland takes place at the Payis Arena in Jerusalem, on July 23, 2016. Ticket are on sale for 149 NIS.
Beloved, the occult level, and the power, of this threat cannot be underestimated.  It is not a conspiracy theory.  It is a biblical prophesied reality.  It is at the door. Our response cannot be any of the following reactions:
--We cannot close our eyes and hope it goes away.
--We cannot blindly disbelieve what is being shown to us.
--We cannot panic, nor be consumed with fear or with fatalism.
--We cannot go around like loose canons trying to wake people up.
--We cannot rush to our kids or to our grandkid and pour out all the information as a massive overload in an effort to save them.
--We cannot take a skeptical, "wait and see" attitude.
Given that Israel is satan's most "sought after" prize. We have to direct our most intense prayers and warfare toward protecting Israel … particularly Jerusalem.  As Israel goes, so go the nations.  That is the way the Lord set it up. Think about it!  If the enemy can hear voices arising out of Jerusalem, calling UNITY in the Tomorrowland agenda … even if the Israelis don't know that they are calling for the anti-Christ to come … satan will hear the legal spiritual welcome and permission for his global unity of a New World Order to arise.  Satan will be able to take that ground legally. Remember when Yeshua said, "I will not return until I hear you (Jerusalem) say, 'Baruch haba b'Shem Adonai (welcome, blessed, are you, who comes in the name YHVH). There is a permissional greeting that is to be raised up in Jerusalem … one which will open the door for a global leader to come take that seat of power, from which the world will be governed.   Tomorrowland is planning to raise up that invitation from Jerusalem on the 23rd of July, 2016.  The organizers of this event are intending to extend that Jerusalem invitation be given to Lucifer in the form of the anti-Messiah from the Payis Arena in Jerusalem … and from that location to key links around the globe. This is not an assumption, nor it is fantasy or delusion. It is very real, and we have very few weeks to raise up a firewall against it. Let's get busy.  
**First, cover yourself, all your loved ones, and everything pertaining to your life, with the blood of Yeshua Ha Mashiach (Jesus the Christ). Do it daily, and put on the armor of the Lord each day as well (which is found in Ephesians 6)
**Check out the facts about Tomorrowland and get informed. You have to personally KNOW that this is real. Get confirmation from YHVH that this is the truth, and this is the time. Carefully, and wisely spread the word. Share what I write, but take all my identifying and contact information off the emails. Cut and paste the information to blank documents.
**We need to organize in groups of Holy Spirit filled believers.  Hopefully pastors, rabbis and spiritual leaders will come onboard. Youth groups need to be alerted to come together to seek the Lord.  Summer vacation will take many of the college students off campus, but campus organizations of faith need to get the word out to their membership. This will need much prayer in agreement.
**Then we need to pray and fast as the Lord directs. Keep in mind that we pray in the name of Yeshua Ha Mashiach or Jesus the Christ. Praying only in the name of Jesus, without connecting that name with His title (which is His authority and identity) is of no effect.  The world is filled with people named Jesus or Yeshua. The power is in the full name, which includes the divine title.
**We need to seek YHVH creative spiritual strategies, and also to hear from Him regarding the boundaries of our assigned territories of authority.  Forget about binding satan himself.  That is something archangel Michael will do in the set time.  Saying, THE LORD REBUKE YOU is the way human beings of faith engage satan personally.
**Listen to what the Lord is saying about binding down demons and strongmen … get His strategy for taking down strongholds. Hear, listen, obey precisely! Petitional prayers will not take down this threat. Intense intercession and focused spiritual warfare will be required. That includes some form of fasting (which can be a form other than not eating food or drinking water for days on end). Fast television. Fast words and spend some hours in silent intercession or listening. Fast one meal a day, or one day a week, or whatever the Lord requests of you.
**Search the scriptures for decrees and declarations as well as for proven strategy.  Know the promises of YHVH, and discern the season and timing of their application.
**Give extra prayer cover for those battling this threat on the front lines.  Cover the truth tellers, but also become one, who distributes truth to the ignorant and  to the deceived. Ask for YHVH's wisdom in how to do all that.
**Pray for the Lord to personally shut down this event scheduled for Jerusalem, in any way that He chooses. Bring Your foot and Your hand down upon it, Lord. Put the axe to the root in Belgium, Lord.
**Pray for the Body of Messiah in Israel to arise like a lion to defend against this satanic strategy, and to drive it out of the Land. Pray for Body unity in intercession and in warfare. Pray that they become fully aware of the reality of this threat and of the urgency of mobilization against it. BRING UNITY IN THE TRUTH AND IN ACTION, LORD!
**Pray for true UNITY IN THE MESSIAH to break down the unity of those, who are opening the gates into the dark world through this agenda.  
**Pray for total discord and disruption to break out between the Tomorrowland organizers in Israel and Boom. No peace. No cooperation. No affection. No communication.  NO FUNDING!
**Pray for a total disruption and shutdown of all electronics and power in the Payis Arena in Jerusalem just before this event takes place. Turn off the switches, Lord!
**Pray for the satellite links between Tomorrowland in Belgium to break down; making it impossible for them to broadcast into Israel, or into any of these 7 nations … and impossible to stream the event on the Internet.
**Pray for some kind of divinely orchestrated disturbance to take place in Israel that will cause Mayor Nir Birkat to completely cancel the event in Jerusalem. 
**In the Spirit, pull up the welcome mat that is being extended to the anti-Messiah, and replace it with a welcome mat for Yeshua's return.  Burn with holy fire the welcome mat that has been created to bring the anti-Messiah into Jerusalem at this time (unless this is all part of the timing and plan of the Lord).
**Pray that hundreds of airplanes will be grounded, and unable to bring the masses of humanity into Boom (and into the other 7 linking nations) intending to seal the deal with satan.
**If this is not the set time of the Lord for the anti-Messiah to come to the foreground, pray that the door to his arrival is locked down, and pray that it will be impossible to have that lock "picked" by any human or satanic powers.
**Pray that the Lord would send a supernatural storm over Boom Belgium that would break apart this festival as it begins; allowing the might of YHVH's disapproving hand to be seen and understood all over the world, via the internet.  Humiliate the plans of the wicked in regard to Tomorrowland. Putting Israel on the agenda has crossed a red line. In the aftermath of that destructive storm from heaven, pray that YHVH would send forth a blast of His Holy Spirit to bring in the true light.
**Pray for the Lord to bring forth His word, and His strategy, to drop down upon this Tomorrowland event through His intercessors… crushing it.
**Pray to release the spirits of Discord and Disorder to physically, visually, and effectively break down every part of Tomorrowland's unholy UNITY.
**Pray, decree and declare the sole sovereignty of Yeshua over Jerusalem.
**Pray for the Baruch Haba to be sent out to Yeshua by the people of Israel.
**Pray that believers around the world will be awakened to engage against this satanic initiative. Pray that no one will let go of this intercession and warfare until this threat is eliminated.
**Pray for a great deliverance and healing to come to all those young people, who have attended Tomorrowland or TomorrowWorld in past years.
**Pray for parents to have the courage to FORBID their children from attending this event.
**Pray to hold back the blind, vulnerable, youth that have already bought tickets to the coming Tomorrowland event/s. Make it impossible for them to attend! Make it impossible for the weak, wounded, or impressionable to be able to watch the event by Internet.  Mess with their schedules, or with whatever is necessary, to keep them from drinking from this toxic, evil, well.
**Plead for the Lord to pour out His Spirit upon the earth … with revelation of His reality, and surrounded with the Spirit of Grace and Supplication.
**Pray that the Lord would raise up His genuine prophets to counterattack the massive number of false prophets being raised up by the Kingdom of Darkness in this hour.
**Pray for the Lord to send in thousands of angels to wage war against the demons being positioned by satan in Israel … particularly in Jerusalem.
**Pray that the Lord would turn off the mesmerizing voices and images that have been capturing the hearts and minds of the young people through these festivals.
**If it is the Lord will and timing, pray that YHVH will short-circuit the spiritual and physical connections between Tomorrowland and CERN. Mess up the connections on both sides of the equation.  Cause functional accidents to occur in CERN, and in Boom Belgium.
**Pray for the CERN hadron collider, and its agenda, to be destroyed utterly and quickly.  Lord, keep the gate closed!
**Pray that everyone connected with producing, promoting or participating in Tomorrowland would be apprehended by YHVH and brought to the truth … and to salvation. Where Tomorrowland calls for humanity to be REBORN, take those words and declare that all of humanity will be BORN AGAIN in Yeshua.
**Cry out for mercy and pour out confession on behalf of the rebellion of the human race … for it pride … for its wicked self-determination … for its foolish affection for evil, all which sets up the planet to make an unholy alliance with hell.
**Release the Spirits of Wisdom, Truth, Discernment, Holiness, Fear of YHVH, Humility, Obedience to the Truth, and Submission to the Authority of YHVH.
**Bind down the spirits of Mesmerization, Mind Control, Unholy Fascinations, Rebellion, Lust, Licentiousness, Self-Indulgence, Pride, Arrogance, Self-Determination, Lawlessness, Lies, Rejection of the Truth, Skepticism, Deception, Slumber, Defiance, Magic, Witchcraft, Unholy Appetites, Sorcery, Illusion, Clairvoyance, Astral Projection, Blindness, Wickedness in High Places, Unholy Alliances, Unholy Covenants, Seduction, Destruction, Incantation, Mantras, Entrapment, Selectiveness Deafness, Humanism, Religion, License, Entitlement, and all other demons attached to Tomorrowland.
**Decree and declare that the people of YHVH are the people of TODAY.  We seize today, and we speak a change of course today, that will cut off the wicked plans of the people of Tomorrow
Before I leave you to explore a few more websites, and to engage with this issue in your prayer closet, there is something else that I want to share with you. Recently I had a dream that I believe addresses the issue I have raised before you today.  
In the dream, I was in Israel … specifically in Jerusalem.  A massive white structure has appeared in the city that we being reported as an innovative gathering place to inspire the young people to a deeper unity and to a deeper meaning in life.  Campgrounds, complete with tents, had been set up around a portion of this great, white, structure, in order to house the many young people, who had come. My husband and I brought our own tent and set it up, so that we could be with the young people, and hopefully speak truth to them on the same ground. Two other close friends, and partners in ministry with us, were also on the site to do the same thing. We never had an entry bracelet to get us into the building, but were invisibly ushered in with the crowds, by the hand of the Lord. There was quite a festive atmosphere in the midst of the swarming multitude. Large, long, brightly colored, sausage-like, balloons were being passed around over the heads of the crowd, while everyone laughed as if these balloons were phallic symbols.  Once inside, I discovered that the huge building was nothing more than a structure created out of thick, white, plastic. Furthermore, there was nothing inside it. The rooms and hallways were totally empty … no chairs … no tables … nothing at all! Everything was a hologram … an illusion being projected on the walls, floors, and ceilings from a remote location. And yet, the young people didn't seem to be put off by that fact. They felt so good about being part of something bigger than they, that they never considered what it was they were aligning themselves with.  Suddenly an urgency arose in my spirit; instructing us to get out of the building immediately.  By the time we made our way outside, I noticed that almost all of those, who had been waiting to gain entry, were now already inside.  The doors closed and locked behind us. At my feet I noticed that there were small, man-made, rocks lying around on the sidewalk.  I picked one up and noticed that a picture of the sun was imprinted on it, with the words, "Now, a new beginning." Fear filled my heart on behalf of Israel and these young people.  We ran quickly toward the tent area, thinking that we needed to pack up and leave. Something really bad was about to happen. I could feel it.   Arriving at the camping area I discovered that all the tents had been removed. At the site where our tent, and where all our possessions had been sitting, there was now a group of uniformed officials, closing up and sealing the last of several large barrels (the type in which toxic waste is removed). I asked if our possession had been put into those barrels. The answer was, "You now own nothing. The world has changed. A new road is about to be built through this city, and your inheritance and treasure are now in new hands. The rules have changed and you are no longer valid." The dream ended and I awakened.
Slowly, the Lord has been showing me the connection of this dream to the July 23rd Tomorrowland event in Jerusalem. It's a trap.  I won't give you all the meaning and symbols contained in the dream, but I will say that if this Tomorrowland event takes place in the Land, Israel will be in deep spiritual trouble … which will put her in great physical trouble.  The voice that I heard (coming out of the mirror of Kali) in the actual footage of the Boom Tomorrowland event, is the same voice and message that I physically heard in Jerusalem on March 18th, just over 48 hours after I arrived in the Land this year. From the new nightclub that had been established in the undercroft of my 21-floor high rise building, I heard the message of Tomorrowland being spoken to Israeli young people at 3 AM. For me to be awakened by the Lord, and to hear that evil voice from my window on the 19th floor, was a work of the Lord.  At the time of this discovery, YHVH told me this same message, that I was hearing, was being spoken in Tel Aviv, in Haifa, in Tiberius, in Eilat, and in Beersheva, as well as in Jerusalem. This was the organized, advance, effort to bring Tomorrowland (and all it entails) into Israel. At that time, I had no clue that this Tomorrowland link with Israel would be taking place in July.  I only discovered that information just shortly after I had the dream, which I recorded above.  The Lord is clearly speaking. We must not ignore His warning, nor discount the truth about this event. We must pray for Israel in regard to security, government, economics, politics, etc. but if the enemy comes in through this spiritual door, everything else will be negatively impacted.  Satan has cast the dice. We can see his plan and his operations. This is the priority. This is the urgent issue in this hour.  Please join me in seeking the Lord, so that we might turn this enemy away at the gate … before it is too late.  With YHVH, all things are possible. 
Please give me some extra prayer cover as I continue to sound the alarm regarding this threat.  I returned from Israel to learn that termites had attacked our house, that we had a strange water leak, and that my precious mother-in-love had been diagnosed with early Alzheimer's disease. This journey and this warfare are not for the weak or for the casually committed. This is a total, "all in", commitment.  Satan will strike back as we advance, but if the Lord allows the hits, it's only to make us stronger as we rely more on Him. Thank you for your love and prayers. Please do not cease in this intercession and warfare until the Lord releases you. HE IS OUR HOPE!  HE IS OUR DEFENDER!
Watch the two videos posted at this site:
Watch the short video at this site that speaks of the 7 (complete) links of Tomorrowland across the globe on the 23rd of July. See the strategic lines that net the planet, with Israel in the mix.
Some of the headliners:

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