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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Money calleth but do you hear it?

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Blockbuster refused to buy Netflix for $50 million, Netflix is now worth $64.7 BILLION. (And where is Blockbuster?)
MySpace rejected Facebook's original purchase price, Facebook is now worth $439 BILLION. (And where is MySpace?)
George Bell, then CEO of Excite, refused to buy Google for $750,000, Google is now worth $641 BILLION. (And where is Excite?)
Ross Perot refused to buy into Microsoft for $60 million, Microsoft is now worth $507.5 BILLION. (And where is Ross Perot?)
When people say NO to you, just keep going.
You're worth MORE than you know and your time is coming.
When they laugh at your goals and dreams, let them laugh while you keep going.
Remain blessed
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